Whether you're back to work or not, we've all been spending a LOT of time at home.  Netflix at this point is literally asking me "are you still watching?".  Why, yes, Netflix I am. Don't judge me!

Well, a Saco mom may have had enough of binge watching shows, because she's started something pretty cool.

Heidi Paulette of Saco, ME has started a puzzle swap. WMUR reports that Heidi was enjoying puzzle time with her son, but was having trouble finding any new ones in the store or online.    So she decided to create a puzzle swap shed.  People can come grab a puzzle or leave one behind for others to enjoy.

Paulette tells WMTW News 8:

"It's a good stress reliever to sit down for a little while and just put a puzzle together and just think about the puzzle and not having to think about the other things going on in the world,"

Puzzles have been more popular than ever.  According to Elemental.com, they are a great way to relieve stress and it's been reported that puzzle sales are up more than 370% since March!

Angela Garcia, PhD, a professor at Bentley University, tells Elemental.com that puzzles can "metaphorically shrink life's problems".

I can tell you personally that it definitely takes a lot of patience.  I'm good the corner pieces but once you get to the middle, forget about it!

So, if you're looking for a great way to relieve stress, why not try a puzzle or create a "puzzle swap" of your own!


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