If you have the chance to go to the parade, I highly suggest you do so. Here's why...

I've been to many a 'Rollin' Rally' as the late Boston Mayor Tom Menino called them. It's an experience unlike anything else. And, with this one being so sweet in so many ways, I'm kind of jealous I won't there.

Since I worked for many years in downtown Boston, I had the opportunity to take advantage of being in the heart of the city for several duck boat parades. The energy of the crowd, seeing the players, coaches and their families be as excited as us fans. Everyone is there for one reason and one reason only. They want to celebrate and have a great time!

Even though the weather doesn't look like it will be the best, it doesn't matter. In fact, it makes the day all that more memorable.

So, my advice...if it's possible for you to skip out of work or school without getting in trouble, do it. I have a feeling, this year's parade honoring the Superbowl Champions is going to be one for this history books!

Credit Getty Images
Credit Getty Images

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