Fans are desperate for closure on Tom Brady's whereabouts next season. One former linebacker's comments have raised eyebrows.

Ever since Saturday's Wildcard loss to Tennessee, attention has increased on Tom Brady's status for next season. While some (1.2 million likes and counting) point to a post on Instagram as a hint his time in New England isn't over, others believe he's mentally been out the door for a while. Whatever you believe, former Partriot Tedy Bruschi recently said in an interview that he could see Tom entertaining other offers. reported  “I can see him doing that,” said Bruschi. “I think he has the courage to do it. I still think he has the fire to do it. And that is the thing too, think about the fire that is still inside that player, that is inside of Tom. He believes that he can do anything — he can go somewhere and convince maybe some guys to come with him and form a team and start something fresh, start something new and he can win a championship there. That is probably how his mind thinks.”

VIA - Instagram - @tombrady
VIA - Instagram - @tombrady

Tedy played for New England his entire career, including multiple years with TB12. He may know a thing or two about New England's current quarterback.




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