According to the Union Leader there's a whole lot of drama around a certain crab apple tree in Candia, New Hampshire. The town ordered Jennifer Heiberg and her husband Dustin to trim the tree's 10 foot long branches after declaring it a "public nuisance".

The couple refuses to trim the branches and now the town is giving them 30 days to do so or they are threatening to chop that sucker down!

Jennifer Heiberg said the crab apple tree has been on her property for 10 years and it doesn't pose a problem at all. The site states that Jennifer filed a complaint on Jan 2nd that read:

"Landowners have the right to grow, maintain or cut down trees as they see fit. They also have a right not to have their trees pruned or removed without their consent"

The Union Leader reports that an arborist came to inspect the tree on Monday and pronounced it healthy!  He did suggest pruning the tree's lower branches to ensure clearance for passing traffic.

What will happen next? I am on the edge of my seat! Who knew a crab apple tree could cause so much commotion?

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