It's happening again! There has been a pounding in my cranium since Wednesday. I haven't been sleeping the best (what else is new), so I figured that must be the cause behind my persistent headache this week.

But I started to rethink my headache when I remembered this post from Meteorologist Ted McInerney from WMTW in Portland a few weeks ago! It said:

"You know how I know we’re getting a huge snowstorm? I’ve got a headache. - my wife, Amy. Great. Or just watch our forecasts."

Of course, Ted was poking fun at his lovely bride Amy! It's funny for the wife of a meteorologist to say that her personal indicator that there's snow on the way is having a headache.

After giggling at the post, I stopped in my tracks and thought, "WAIT!!! IS THIS A THING?!"

I scrolled down to the comments and saw that A LOT of people deal with the same thing. For some people, their pre snowstorm migraine is so bad they are in bed all day! Other people said they can feel it in their knees, joints, or they experience body aches before a big storm. That, I've heard of!

According to, the idea of a storm triggering a headache is a questionable phenomenon.

The site goes on to explain that during a storm, cold and warm air collide, creating an extreme difference in barometric (or air) pressure. This creates the elements of a thunderstorm, like wind and rain. Your headache could be a response to the change in pressure.

Young woman with headache in home interior
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The claims weather changes may cause imbalances in brain chemicals, including serotonin, which can prompt a migraine.

If you experience headaches before a snowstorm, you are not alone. Many people are members of this club, myself included! Sure, we never wanted to be members in the first place but think of it this's kind of like we have a cool superpower and can predict the weather! I know, it's a stretch.

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