Photo courtesy of Mathew Schmida
Photo courtesy of Mathew Schmida

Some lessons are learned the hard way. According to Fox News a Massachusetts man, Dave Schmida of Sturbridge learned the hard way that getting rid of a hornet’s nest is best left to the professionals.  Dave Schmida took matters into his own hands and decided to use fireworks, specifically roman candles, to rid his home of the nest.  And his brother Matthew got it all on video.


His aim wasn’t bad.  Schmida made a direct hit on the hornet’s nest that was constructed by the aggressive hornets outside in the corner of his second-floor home on his fourth try.  I understand his frustration.  Having a hornets’ nest directly outside your upstairs window is annoying.  Hornets are like bees on steroids.


Unfortunately, the direct hit by a roman candle resulted in the nest catching fire along with his roof.  Thank goodness the nest was located next to a window where the Sturbridge resident was able to aim a fire extinguisher and douse the flames. According to Fox News, there is a small hole in the house and some wood was damaged but hey, the hornets are gone.  It should be noted that fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts for anyone that does not hold a professional license.  Dave Schmida seems pleased with the results, at least the hornets are gone… for now.




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