Over the years we have heard about fisherman catching lobsters of almost every color of the rainbow! Just this year I've heard of an albino lobster, a blue lobster and even a cotton candy colored lobster being caught off the coast of Maine. I was super excited to hear that a purple lobster was added to the list! It was such a gorgeous color too. I just had my nails painted that very shade last week.

But the joke's on us! Keith Potter from Steuben, Maine fooled us all with his mad photoshop skillz. Apparently, he shared a photo that he edited of an "extremely rare purple lobster" in a closed group as a joke. Someone shared it, news stations got their claws on the photo and things really escalated from there. He addresses the situation in his most recent Facebook post:

Prince fans were pretty disappointed to hear that this purple lobster was a fraud but not all hope is lost. A Professor from the University of Maine emailed a local news station and said a purple lobster is not impossible. He guesses it would be a one-in-a-million catch.

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