As I was scrolling through social media, I landed on a photo so delectable, I had to stop and look.

What was this delicious picture?  It was foreign to me, but just know I love pickles.  Yes, dill, sweet, bread & butter, gherkins, Kosher- I love them all.

Alicia Olynn via Facebook
Alicia Olynn via Facebook

It's not just me, either.  Pickle Flights and Pickle Buffets are the latest hot trend in restaurants and for catered events.  I thought the hottest wedding trend was a fancy "Donut Bar" instead of a wedding cake, but even newer and hotter is the "Pickle Bar" at weddings.  It's an unexpected surprise and delight.  Who knew?

My concern is broader than a wedding.  Since seeing pickle flights on Facebook and TikTok posts, I've been trying to find a restaurant that offers pickle flights in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.


When I google "pickle flights", I get information about actual air flights or pickleball locations.  Really?

How far outside of New England do I have to go for a pickle flight? There's a restaurant in Waltham, MA, called In A Pickle, but guess what? No pickles anywhere on the menu. There's also The Flight Center in Manchester and Nashua, NH.

You'd think a restaurant named The Flight Center would have flights of any and everything.  Nope. Just flights of beer. So, I am begging the owner to include pickle flights.  They'll own the market on pickles in New England.

sugarcoated pickle bar via Facebook
sugarcoated pickle bar via Facebook

The closest establishment is Jacob Pickles in New York City.  They also have a southern food menu and a whiskey menu. How does a Jacob's Pickle Biscuit Beer sound? Now we're talking.

If you're planning a trip to Nashville, check out NashHouse Southern Spoon & Saloon.  They not only have a pickle flight, but also fried pickles, which is a whole other topic.

The closest pickle event I could find in New Hampshire is the Winchester Pickle Festival in September.  This free event includes a Pickle Parade and live music, plus a pickle gift shop.  Use your imagination here.  I can only imagine the t-shirts. The Pickle Festival is scheduled for September 24 this year.  Yes, Mr. Pickle will be taking photos in the gazebo, as always.

Let me know what you think about a campaign for pickle flights in NH.  I think it's time to bring them to the Granite State. Do you?

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