OH BOY! I remember when my grandmother was still alive she put the car in drive instead of reverse and drove right through a window at McDonalad's. "BUBBIE! THAT'S NOT WHAT THEY MEAN BY DRIVE-THRU!" The only reason we were able to make that joke for so long was because thankfully Bubbie didn't get hurt or seriously injure someone else. According to Claims Journal, in the state of New Hampshire, it used to be a requirement for elderly people to retake a road test in order renew their license if they are older than 75. That was repealed in 2011.

It seems like the mishap that occurred at the New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet in Merrimack, New Hampshire, last night was similar to what happened with my dear Bubbie. According to Merrimack Police, an elderly driver hit the gas instead of the brakes while parking and careened into the store, right through the front door!

Courtesy NH Liquor Commission
Courtesy NH Liquor Commission

THANKFULLY, no one was injured and the driver is fine. According to NBC Boston, there was no structural damage to the building. An officer who was at the scene said the only casualties from the accident were a few bottles of wine and spirits. The staff's spirits could use some lifting since they are still cleaning up after the mess. But all things considered, the outcome could have been so much worse.

Do you think elderly drivers should be required to retake a driving test at a certain age?

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