There should be some basic rules... Guys should not go to Home Depot or Lowe's alone.  We will buy something.  With any luck, we buy something we actually need.  Maybe not, but we'll buy it anyway.

Toy stores are cool when you're a kid.  When you grow up, you still go to the toy store, it's just that the store is called something different.  If I need one thing at Lowe's or Home Depot I will find it and buy it.... Along with something else.  Whatever else it is was purchased because it was cool, it was probably on an end cap and probably on sale.  Just yesterday I was asked to help out with some kitchen duties here at Studio Big.  The task?  Purchase some bulk boxes of those little coffee creamers at Sam's Club.  One of our stations has a transmitter nearby and I was going to be in the neighborhood.  Sam's is another place guys should not go into alone.  Too much sensory overload.  They have the new ipad Air at Sam's and it's connected to their wi-fi and it's out on a table and you can play with it and it makes you start to think about who you could give your old ipad to.  Plus, there was a lady handing out cups of new flavors of Campbell's Soup.  It's soup with bacon in it.  Bacon!  Next to that was another lady with some sort of new chip for dipping.  I'm not big on dips, but hey I can dip a chip into my soup!  This place has a bakery!  Cupcakes and round cakes and sheet cakes, oh my!  I eventually found the aisle with the boxes of coffee creamers, but not before going by a display for a new product... Those Cheddar Bay biscuits you get at Red Lobster.  Why didn't the soup and chip ladies have these out to sample?  Damn! One more stop at the ipad Air table and I'm out.  Didn't buy the ipad, now I just have to convince Karen that she really wants to whip up a batch of Cheddar Bay biscuits!

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