Frommer’s Magazine, a leading travel industry source, has named Plymouth, Massachusetts, as one of its top destinations in the world to visit in 2020, according to WHDH.

The world is a big place and with so many destinations to choose, the magazine states, according to WHDH, that “it is compelling history that made us choose Plymouth as on the best places to go in 2020.”

Frommer’s Co-President Pauline Frommer said in the article that “We think visitors will have their eyes opened about the fascinating, complex story behind this destination and the other Plymouths that will be helping celebrate this important milestone.”

We all know the story from our history books. The Mayflower made its voyage across the Atlantic in1620. The Puritans, searching for religious freedom, landed here in what was known then as the New World 400 years ago.

So many historic landmarks to explore in Plymouth, including the views of the bay, award-winning restaurants and lovely historic district with its shops. Perhaps now is the best time to reflect on our rich New England history.

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