The 53 year old man was walking in front of Franklin's City Hall when he was hit by a vehicle.

According to WMUR News 9, police are still on the hunt for whoever was responsible for seriously injuring a man Wednesday afternoon. 53 year old Edward Douglas Jr. was crossing Central Street in front of City Hall when he was hit, and the car kept on going.  Witness Destiny Seabury called 911, and told WMUR  "My kids and I were upstairs, and I heard a crash, and so we all looked out, and I saw the poor man on the ground, and I could see from the window that he was bleeding out of his head."

All police have to go on is the vehicle was a Mazda, and dark in color.

Franklin Police have asked that anyone who has information on this hit-and-run call them at 603-934-2535. Anonymous tips can be left with Crimeline at 603-226-3100.


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