Kensington Police warned residents about a coyote on the loose in their neighborhood on Monday morning.

According to Kensington Police Facebook page, a coyote attack occurred in the area of Wild Pasture Road & Hemlock Road.

Then, around noon, the police department provided an update that they had caught the coyote and that it was being taken to get tested for rabies.

Pictures of the coyote running down the road are up on their page or you can see it below.

The coyote bit a woman and her dog early this morning, WMUR reported, adding that the woman was taken to the hospital and the dog was also checked out.

The police department had advised to keep pets and children inside their residences.

The best way to avoid conflicts with coyotes, according to

  • Do not feed coyotes
  • Do not let pets run loose or unattended
  • Do not run from a coyote
  • Do not create conflict

Looks like Kensington residents can now rest easy after the coyote scare this morning.

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