This is a MASSIVE win, especially with the world slowly starting to open up, people getting vaccinated, and all of us ready to bust out and live our best lives, hopefully as soon as this summer.

Channel 8 WMTW just dropped word that United Airlines is adding an additional SIX destinations to and from the Portland Jetport, which is a huge boost since it opens up more reasons to fly out of Portland (and save a ton of drive time at the same time getting to an airport with more destinations offered.)

Elena Elisseeva
Elena Elisseeva

As of right now, United only offers nonstop flights to and from Chicago, Denver, New York/Newark, and Washington Dulles. But when May 27 rolls around, that list will more than double, with nonstop flights being offered to and from Cincinnati, Columbus Ohio, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee.


Starting on June 4, their weekend-only service to Denver will become a daily service, which means if you want to go ski the Rockies in Winter 2022, you don't have to wait for a weekend to fly out there!  As if there wasn't already enough reason to want to book a vacation this summer, this just brings it up to even more levels of awesomeness!

And the timing couldn't be more perfect, considering that starting Monday, April 5 at 8a, we have your shot to win up to $10,000 with the Workday Payday on 94.9 HOM -- imagine all the getaways you can go on right out of Portland this summer! What new destination would you fly to out of Portland if you win that 10 grand?

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