According to WMTW, the governor of Maine, Janet Mills, suspended most lodging operations in the state. This means that several hotels are completely unoccupied during this time.

The Clarion Hotel in Portland is doing something pretty amazing. Each day they are setting aside 50 rooms where healthcare workers can stay for free. The Clarion is a perfect location for those working at Mercy Hospital and Maine Medical Center.

And fear not!  Precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of everyone staying at the hotel. The news site sates that healthcare workers will have their own designated two floors. They will also have their own entrance to the hotel and be using their own separate elevator.

This alleviates a little bit of stress for healthcare workers. They come home every day to their families in fear that they are going to infect the ones they love. Bravo to the Clarion Hotel! I hope that other establishments follow suit.

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