Marcy’s Diner in Portland is receiving national attention for a breakfast breakdown. Owner Darla Neugebauer lost her temper and screamed at a 2-year old child after the child’s parents didn’t attend to the child’s crying. 

The parents took to the business Facebook page to express their experience at the restaurant.

Marcy's Diner via Facebook


And the owner didn’t take that sitting down.


Marcy's Diner via Facebook

Neugebauer told WCSH’s Kelsey Fabian, “I don’t have children because I know I’d be a terrible parent,” and she believes she, “might be a local hero.”

The Marcy’s Diner Facebook page is flooded with supporters for both the parents and Marcy Neugebauer herself.

Neugebauer posted on the Marcy’s Diner Facebook page that they will no longer accept phone orders starting today.

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