I call New Hampshire my home, and I know it’s the “Live Free or Die” state.  My experience with people in New England has been overwhelmingly positive.  I have found that people here are so welcoming, so willing to lend a hand to help others, this mask mandate protest doesn’t make sense to me.

The Great Mask Debate rages on.

Seacoastonline.com reports that a protest was held in Prescott Park in Portsmouth over the weekend and another is planned for next Saturday.

When I say “protest” what I mean is a little over a dozen people with signs and a bullhorn, which is a big no-no. The protesters have a Facebook page that lists information regarding the upcoming rally as the “Freedom Rally -fighting Portsmouth mask ordinance” according to seacoastonline.com.

The protests are organized by David Lheureaux who had his pistol on him at the last rally, which alarmed someone enough to contact police, according to the article.  The police recognized Lheureaux’s right to carry (as they should) but admonished him for the bull horn, which there is a city ordinance against, seacoastonline stated.

The bullhorn can infringe on the rights of others because it amplifies sound, and some want to be free from ‘unwanted intrusion.’

Lheureaux says he wants many to attend the upcoming rally and hopes to have a dialogue with others about the mask ordinances.

Seacostonline.com quotes him by saying “If you feel unsafe, manage yourself in accordance with that. When in doubt, the answer should be freedom. Personal liberties should be the default.”

Whatever side of the mask debate you are on, it rages on.  Stay safe people!



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