According to New Hampshire Fish and Game, Barred Owls are the most common owl to be seen, or more likely heard, in the Granite State. Unlike many birds in our neck of the woods Barred Owls are year round residents!

Here are some fun facts about Barred Owls I learned recently, courtesy of an article from

  • Two barred Owls performing a courtship duet can sound a lot like maniacal laughing.

  • DON'T MESS WITH A BARRED OWLS CHICKS OR THEY WILL CLAW YOUR EYEBALLS OUT. No, really. They have been known to chase away intruders by aggressively hooting and attacking with their talons.

  • Barred Owls prefer to feast on small rodents like mice.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • They will eat fish too. If a Barred Owl eats enough crayfish, the feathers under its wings can turn pink, just like a Flamingo!

    • Unlike many creatures in the animal kingdom, Barred owls are monogamous!

    • Historians believe that Harriet Tubman used the Barred Owl’s call as a signal for people seeking to use the Underground Railroad.

    Over the weekend, the Portsmouth Police Department proved that they give a HOOT about all living creatures here in the Granite state, especially the Owls!

    This is Ofc. Keegan Pearl with his new friend Jack, the Barred Owl:

    Jack was found on the side of the road by another Portsmouth police officer. Luckily, they think this beautiful creature is going to be okay! Ofc. Laurel Fisher happens to be a falconer and has been assisting their new owl friend and nursing him back to recovery.

    Once again, great job Portsmouth Police Department! Thank you for protecting and serving the humans and animals in our community.

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