I love bookstores! I love cafes! And I love bars! When I learned there is a three in one combo right in Portsmouth I shouted "WHY THE HECK HAVE I NOT BEEN HERE YET?!"

Like so many other businesses, Book & Bar was struggling with staffing after the pandemic. They closed indefinitely back in mid July to give their employees a well deserved rest with no word on when they would be returning. Well, praise the caffeinated beverage gods, because Book & Bar put that beautiful "OPEN" flag outside their establishment this week.

Andrew Bagley via Portsmouth, NH Facebook group
Andrew Bagley via Portsmouth, NH Facebook group

According to the Book and Bar Facebook page, they offer homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, small plates and assorted baked goods. And if you're thirsty you can grab a cocktail, beer, glass of wine or sip a tasty espresso beverage!

This is the kind of deliciousness they serve up at Book & Bar;

Their extensive food and beverage menu paired with a variety of used and discount books available for purchase is what makes Book & Bar truly one-of-a -kind!

Check out this video they posted that really captures their essence:

The thought that bookstores might be a thing of the past thanks to the might Amazon is not okay with me. It is up to us to keep book stores alive and thriving! Who doesn't love posting up in a bookstore on a rainy afternoon? And a bookstore where you can sip on some wine or a martini is EVEN BETTER! Now that Book & Bar is back open I will certainly be popping in.

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