Vaping has reached epidemic levels here in the Granite State, according to Food and Drug Administration.

Many students carry USB devices as part of their school work, but parents may want to look closer the next time they see one. First reported by Seacoast Online, Portsmouth High school resource officer Rob Munson recently displayed a collection of vaping devices confiscated from students over the past year to demonstrate how most look like USB flash drives. When the devices are used for used for vaping from a nicotine-based liquid, they are odorless, or have an added fruity or other scent, he said. They’re easily concealed and many adults could look at them and have no idea they’re used for ingesting vapor laced with nicotine, or marijuana, he said. “It could be liquid THC that smells like raspberry,” warned Portsmouth police detective Matt Hester.

Munson told Seacoast “It’s the trendy thing to do, it’s cool." “But it can be addictive. I’ve talked to kids who are addicted.” Later, according to the report, Munson displayed a metal device that looks like a pen, but was confiscated containing “confirmed THC oil.”

Last week, the FDA announced they have been conducting a nationwide undercover “blitz” to find retailers who sell tobacco vapes to minors.

Munson advised parents to be active in their child's life. “Don’t be a friend parent,” he said. “Be a parent who knows what’s going on.”

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