The gentlemen were cleaning their cannon in Epping when things suddenly took a turn for the worse.

Sunday was an interesting day in Epping. While most were wrapping up their long Fourth of July holiday weekend, two men were spending their leisure time cleaning a cannon.

Yes, an old school cannon.

They only realized it needed to be cleaned after they tried to fire it off (no word if AC/DC's For Those About To Rock was playing somewhere in the background) and nothing happened. So, according to Union Leader, Albert Dionne, 56, of Nottingham,  attempted to clean out the barrel. Next thing you know, the homemade cannon crafted from the barrel of a muzzle-loading rifle had fired, hitting Dionne in the right foot, and the left foot of Christopher Krafton, 52, of Amesbury, Mass., according to police. The Union Leader stated the emergency call was initially reported as two people with gunshot wounds.

The incident remains under investigation, in case it's anything more than two guys getting shot by their own cannon



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