We've been enjoying some beautiful weather.  Sunshine and 80 today, more sunshine tomorrow and up to 90!

While this is making beach goers very happy and is great for outdoor activities, it's not great for the state overall.

According to WMUR, the Granite State is experiencing a severe drought.   About 1/5 of the state is affected.

Tom O'Donovan, director of the water division of the state Department of Environmental Services, tells WMUR:

"It means that groundwater levels, rivers and lakes have all dropped, soil moisture levels have all dropped to such a level that we're now in a severe condition."

About half of the state is experiencing a moderate drought, and about 135 water systems have instituted either voluntary or mandatory restrictions, according to the news channel.

The farmers have been hit hard by this drought. There is slow growth and reduced yields due to the lack of rain.

WMUR reports that the farmers have already been hit by the pandemic, and now the drought is causing even more problems that will last long-term.

Those problems include less crops like corn growing, which makes it hard for farmers to feed their dairy cows.

We're not the only state in dire need of rain. According to WCVB 5,  Massachusetts is also suffering a drought in about 25% of the state:

I have to say I really don't mind a little rain. It's a nice excuse to stay inside and binge watch our favorite shows on Netflix!


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