It's going to look very different this summer in New Hampshire and beyond.

Friday morning Seacoast Online announced that the 2020 Prescott Park Arts Festival has been cancelled.

It was not an easy call to make, the Board President John Tabor describes the decision as "gut-wrenching".

The paper states that the Portsmouth Music Hall hopes to open in September and it would be great if they could schedule programming in the park then too.

Unfortunately, with so much uncertainty it's impossible to plan that far into the future.

Obviously, the community is disappointed. It is hard to imagine summer on the Seacoast without the Prescott Park Arts Festival.

I think it is safe to say none of us will take these events for granted again. As soon as we return to a state of normalcy, we will be going to all of the fairs, festivals, and fun things our community has to offer.

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