The illegally housed animal was on the mend before he attacked.

It started with with the best of intentions. According to WCSH 6, a rabid racoon who was under the care of a civilian in Kennebunkport bit the resident a number of times before digging into a Maine Game Warden. The official was trying to remove it. The racoon was being kept illegally, as Maine law does not permit housing wild animals. Both civilian, who at this time is unidentified, and the Game Warden are being treated for their injuries.

In a reminder posted to their Facebook page, The Kennebunk police wrote ""Wild animals are meant to left alone and remain outdoors. The Maine Warden Service is the agency that should be contacted for wild animals that are injured or become a nuisance. Never touch a wild animal. It is unsafe for you and could cause the animal to become aggressive. Be smart and be safe!"

According to WCSH, this has become the first confirmed case of rabies in Kennebunkport in 2018.

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