It's weird the things that you'll come across while scrolling through Facebook that trigger you. I especially didn't expect anything involving cats to trigger me. Which, I get makes it sound like I hate cats -- it's not that I hate them, I think I'm just sick of them.

Let me rewind -- I grew up with cats. I literally always had 2 cats (I had 3 total, 1 died because the animal hospital botched fixing her, and I'm a savage so I replaced her. And by "I" I mean my parents) from the time I was about 7 until my Dad took the one cat we had that was still alive and took her up to Berlin when he moved while I was in high school. One cat, Nakita, I had for about 9 years until she wandered out one night and never came back -- but she was my favorite. The sweet cat that always wanted a good snug (and to claw the crap out of your feet when they were under the blanket because I was like "Man, I need to switch positions" and she was like "OH LOOK A TOY OR A MOUSE LET ME CLAW IT UNTIL IT STOPS MOVING!" -- but I digress). Sasha (the one the animal hospital botched spaying) and Gizmo were the other two I had, but they were more the hunter type so I never really spent time with them except for when they dropped mice they caught on the front doorstep.

I never had another cat after that (and have since gotten a dog), and then cats became the "fad" -- cat shirts, cat phone cases, cat everything. And maybe that's where my annoyance came from -- because it wasn't about having a pet, it became the "cool, hipster thing to do."

Anyway, the point of me saying all this is I don't hate cats. Which is why when I saw the below posting about 2 missing cats in Dover, I flashed back to earlier this morning (like, 4a earlier) when a mouse randomly darted out into the side of the road I was driving my big ole truck on, FOLLOWED BY A CAT. Now, if I run over a mouse -- oops. BUT A CAT? I have a heart, ya know. So, I slammed on the brakes, saved the cat's life, and had their been a car coming, would've literally traded my life for a cat's, because I crossed the double yellows and came to a full stop in the opposite lane. Around a bend.


Anyway, seeing this post gave me PTSD on when I almost killed a cat this morning, and it made me hope that someone finds these cats so they don't get hurt. Or almost cause an accident at 4am, because I think writing this just made me change my mind -- cats are evil and chase mice into the road just to try and harm humans.

(In all seriousness, I hope you enjoyed this wild ride. Now help get these cats home, because wouldn't you want your pet(s) home safely?)