According to Fosters, the Manchester based rock band Recycled Percussion showed WAY more kindness than chaos this past week.

Chaos and Kindness, which is now a retail store as well as a TV show, was founded by the bands percussionist, Justin Spencer. The goal is to inspire kindness and give back to the community whenever you can.

The site states that Chaos and Kindness teamed up with AG New England’s corporate Vista Foods in Laconia. The idea was to raise money to make turkey baskets for families in need around the holidays. Donations were collected at these five grocery stores: Sully’s in Goffstown, Sully’s in Allenstown, Vista Foods in Laconia, Harvest Market in Wolfeboro and Berlin Marketplace. And get this: every dollar that was raised was matched by one of the five grocery stores.

The original goal was to put together around 400 baskets and that goal was blown out of the water! $15,000 was raised which made 530 Thanksgiving baskets. How amazing is that?!

This year has presented a lot of challenges to a lot of families. Parents have had to to turn into teachers for their kids who are learning remotely. Families have struggled with loss of income due to job layoffs or being furloughed, Some have even lost loved ones due to this horrible virus. Recycled Percussion and Vista foods have alleviated stress and given hope to these families in Northern New Hampshire. And that is what this time of year is all about!

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