As a woman in media, I think this is freakin' awesome! One giant step for womankind. The Red Sox affiliate the Salem Red Sox have named the first ever, all-female broadcast team in the league!

According to InsideRadio, the Salem Red Sox named Melanie Newman the team’s new play-by-play announcer. Newman joins the booth with Suzie Cool, who made history last season as the first female broadcaster in the Carolina League. GIRL POWER!

General Manager C. Ryan Shelton has all of the faith in Melanie! He said:

Her knowledge and extensive background in the game is going to provide insight for our fans that is going to be so different from what they have heard in the past.”

It's 2019 and women can do anything that men can do. They can play football, be baseball commentators, referee, and maybe someday even be president.

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