The Boston Red Sox have parted ways with manager John Farrell. That's the polite way to say he's been fired after the Sox were eliminated from the American League Division Series earlier this week.

As a HUGE Red Sox fan, I liked Farrell. I'm actually surprised by the move. But hey, I'm clearly not Dave Dombrowski or John Henry.

Perhaps it's because of the roller coaster ride the Red Sox were under his hand. After winning a World Series his first year as skipper, Farrell's teams dwelled in the basement the next two seasons. They bounced back and won the AL East two years in a row, only to be eliminated in the first round.

No matter the reason, John Farrell is out and the search begins for his replacement. Do they bring in a season Big League manager? Or do they look for an up and comer? Maybe it's time to look at someone like Sox catching legend, Jason Varitek. Although he has no experience as a manager there will be those in the stands suggesting he get a shot. Hey...he couldn't be any worse than Bobby Valentine, right?

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