Anyone who's lived in the Granite State for an extended amount of time can lose sight on how different our way of life can be. In fact, seeing it through a fresh set of eyes is quite a trip.

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Reddit user Campbellfilms recently wrote on the site about a recent move to Manchester. While "my wife and I love it," the user also pointed out there might be few "unspoken languages" to aquatint themselves with. For example, (and there's no way this doesn't come out like "what's the deal with..." Jerry Seinfeld) Campbellfilms doesn't think any of us wait for walk signs at crosswalks. Also, when obeying the 20 MPH speed limit in a school zone, the new resident feels like a "train of cars line up trying to get around." Manchester, the spotlight is on you. The user questions if this something that only happens there.

Not surprisingly, the comments section is gold. Lack of speed enforcement on 101: User Brybees writes "Every other week there are signs warning of speed limit enforcement, but the drivers just go "well you cant catch us all" and dont slow down."  To "don't speed in" (Goffstown, Bow, and Chester represented) According to one user, Chester tickets for 4 MPH over.

If you were to send this to someone moving to New Hampshire, what would be your warning?


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