How can we forget the Great Squirrel Apocalypse of 2018?  The roads were littered with squirrel corpses.  It was nuts (sorry, bad pun).

2016 and 2017 were banner years for trees producing squirrel food.  So much so that the squirrels had many babies! Yeah, cute baby animals!

But, 2018 did not yield a great crop of squirrel treats and the poor squirrels were desperate for food.  That led to many squirrels running across New England’s roads looking for new food sources, which we all now know led to the Great Squirrel Apocalypse of 2018.  Never again, I hope.

7NewsBoston is reporting on a woman from the Pittsburgh area, where squirrels are clever hoarders of food apparently, who discovered more than 200 chestnuts hidden under the hood of the family’s SUV.

Perhaps the squirrels here are preparing for winter and hiding their stash under the hood of my Cooper.  I better check.

7NewsBoston relates that Chris Persic told KDKA-TV his wife smelled something burning when she started the family’s SUV and discovered more than 200 walnuts and lots of grass under the hood!

It doesn’t appear that the vehicle suffered any damage, but the couple is getting quotes on removing the black walnut tree from their property.  That was one busy squirrel!

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