It was June 24, 2008 when a tornado touched down in NH.  I was living in the same house I live in now in Raymond, NH, surrounded by trees and MAN, it was SCARY!

According to a recent report from WMUR, the tornado spent an hour and a half on the ground and was about a half mile wide, with winds up to 135 mph!!

The story said that no one actually saw the tornado because it was blocked by a heavy curtain of rain, but the damage after the storm was undeniable.  Usually, NH gets two small tornadoes in a year, but this one was very strong and cleared a 52 mile path from Deerfield to Freedom!!

The trees in my backyard are home for many forest creatures like squirrels and birds, so I never want to cut down the trees, but after that year, it was either cut down the trees, or have one of them fall on my house.  I'm still feel guilty about kicking out those fuzzy forest creatures, but that storm was too much and many of them came down.

All the rain expected this week won't come close to what we saw 10 years ago and for one, I am glad!  (and so are my squirrels.)

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