Meteorologist Hayley Lapoint from WMUR, shared this photo on her page from Claremont, New Hampshire over the weekend. A lot of people spotted this crazy cloud and were asking if it was a tornado. She explains that even though the cloud formation certainly looks ominous she doesn't believe it was a tornado.

Her reasoning was that the cloud didn't appear to be rotating. She speculates that this cloud we are looking at is called "Scud". I've never heard this word before! I think it's a cute name for a dog, but I digress. A scud is apparently a cloud that forms below cumulonimbus clouds. There was also no damage reported in the Claremont area so that would mean that no tornado touched down.

People then commented on this post with their own crazy cloud pictures from the weekend:



Northwood Lake



Whatever was happening in the sky was crazy this weekend! It looked a little "end of the world-ish" to me. And with the year we've been having, I am not surprised! Though, I am grateful it was not a tornado that caused a bunch of damage.

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