Whoever pulled this prank is in serious trouble when they get caught. Shame on you for wasting the cops time.

According to Boston 25 news, police received a call of a body in the water. However, when police went to check up on the situation, they found a mannequin in a Harwich marsh.

The mannequin had a Kayak Cape Cod t-shirt and shorts on, the news station reported.

Ok, I'll give them this, an A for creativity.

The Harwich Fire Department said in a Facebook post that it will always respond to these types of incidents, but "what might appear to be a funny prank is a waste of assets and puts personnel at risk."

The owner of the mannequin said it was stolen back in January, according to Boston 25.

While we don't know if this was done on purpose, the news station reported that if it was done on purpose, there could be charges.

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