When smells coming from the staff refrigerator are so putrid, many employees regularly opt for take-out, you know there's a problem. When this goes on for months, a subtle pleas can be one thing. In the end, drastic measures needed to be taken.

The branch-wide email, followed by multiple all-pages, and an outright purge. We were now on notice by "Jodi from accounting."

fridge 2

Radio people aren't necessarily known for our organization skills. We procrastinate so much, we'd rather open a window to alleviate the fridge smell than actually scour it.  However, after months, the Townsquare Dover/Portsmouth cleanup can was kicked no longer. Jodi  took charge, and ripped dozen of expired items from the fridge Wednesday morning. Multiple trashcans were involved, and I handled items which have been on the station property longer than I have. I HAVE BEEN HERE OVER EIGHT MONTHS!!! 

fridge 3

One major casualty in our own Kitchen War was a beloved longtime trashcan. While measuring at four feet tall, it was no match for the massive amount of waste which were once brought to Middle road in hopes of midday consumption. Their expiration dates had long passed, and Old Plasticsides now rests in the dumpster.

fridge 1

The final all-page from Jodi "The fridge is now clean, please keep your science projects out of it, thank you." was delivered sweetly. yet I believe after this, a terrible fate will meet the first staff member to violate common fridge etiquette.

fridge last


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