A lesson in how to keep happy employees could be to send them on vacation

All during the post-pandemic re-opening, we have been hearing stories about restaurants not being able to keep open due to staffing shortages.  I have even seen a sign in one restaurant that said, “Closed due to staff shortage.”

Restaurant owners and even the big chains have been complaining about keeping employees, but one restaurant has remained fully staffed throughout the pandemic and post-pandemic reopening.

I think I know the secret.  According to whdh.com, they pay to send their employees on vacations together.

Abenaki Trail Restaurant and Pub has it figured Out

Not for the first time, the owner of Abenaki Trail Restaurant and Pub in New Conway, New Hampshire, Danielle Jones, is preparing to send her employees on vacation.  This is not a new thing, she has sent them to Vegas, New Orleans, and Disney World before, according to whdh.com.

They are currently planning a Caribbean cruise, the news outlet reported.

Traveling with someone really makes you form a special bond.  If your employees vacation together, they are like family to each other.  F

eeling appreciated by the owner helps foster loyal, happy employees that you can depend on.

Not the only time the Owner Thought Outside the Box

It’s one thing to pass out a monetary bonus at the holidays but what a bonus a fully planned for and paid for vacation is!

Danielle Jones has some great ideas.  This is not the only thing that makes her restaurant special.

According to whdh.com not only has she been able to retain all her employees, but she also even welcomes pets.

If you head over to bringfido.com, her restaurant is listed as pet-friendly.  There are outdoor patio tables that welcome our four-legged friends.  This is especially nice when your hiking buddy is your dog.

Way to think outside the box.

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