It’s an event we look forward to every year.

However, Restaurant Week Portsmouth and the Seacoast announced that it is postponing its Spring Restaurant Week that was originally scheduled for the week of April 16th, according to

When Restaurant Week Portsmouth and Seacoast is given the all-clear to proceed, we need to come out in force to support those businesses.

According to, Valerie Rochon, president of the Chamber of Collaborative of Great Portsmouth and Joh Akar, chair of the Restaurant Week Committee released a joint statement saying, “Our hears and (virtual) hugs go out to all our friends, family, businesses and neighbors, near and far. It is remarkable the gratifying to every day witness our Seacoast community come together and take care of each other in these unprecedented times.”

Stay tuned for when the event will really kick-off. News changes daily so we don’t know when this event will be held but we need to attend when the restaurants finally reopen.

In the meantime, check out how you can support local businesses by checking to see if they offer delivery or takeout. Stay safe.

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