Ride Record Shattered by Youngster at Story Land

For many New Hampshire residents, Story Land’s Roar-O-Saurus was the first roller coaster ride they ever took.

According to Story Land’s Facebook page, there is a new record for consecutive rides on the dinosaur-themed coaster, and you won’t believe how many times Hunter rode the ride.

One ride would have been enough for me.  I like coasters but once is enough of a thrill for me.

Hunter rode the coaster 130 consecutive times.  I bet he would make a great astronaut or a fighter jet pilot.

It must have taken him hours to reach the record and at 130 times I am sure he will hold that record for some time.

Story Land Still has a Few Fall Weekends

Story Land will close for the season on October 11 so if you don't get there by then, you will have to wait until next year.

Story Land is a great place for kids if you haven’t been there yet.  I can’t wait to take my grandson next year.

Story Land was the brainchild of Bob and Ruth Morrell who opened the park in 1954.  The Park has been through some ups and downs over the years but it remains near and dear to the hearts of many New Hampshire residents.

It predates Disneyworld!

Story Land is Tradition

The Roar-O-Saurus record being smashed by Hunter is amazing. One of the things that are great about the park is that the kids that went there grew up and took summer jobs there and that has happened over multiple generations.

Congratulations Hunter for smashing the record.


Here's a toast to this young man...

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