A new sports bar in Massachusetts has childlike adults excited all over New England.

If you are like me, you cannot sit still. All of my favorite bars, breweries, and restaurants have fun things to do while eating or drinking.

Sure, sitting at a bar and talking with your significant other or friends is fun. However, having those same drinks and conversations over a game of basketball, cornhole, Jenga, arcade games, or other activities is WAY more fun.

This is Rivalry Sports Bar in Salem,  Massachusetts, and it just might become one of the greatest sports bars in New England.

Every Thursday, they host a FREE cornhole and punching bag tournament.

Obviously, you know what corn hole is. But you may be questioning the punching bag.

They have a punching bag that tracks how hard you punch, and if you have never tried one, you should. Men and women (but mostly men) will spend hours trying to one-up their friend to see who has the hardest punch.

In addition to the cornhole and digital punching bag, this adult playground has old-school basketball games, beer pong style mini golf, claw arcade games, giant Jenga, giant connect four, and basically every game you need to entertain yourself for hours.

Oh, and the food/drink options are not only wildly good-looking, but they are enormous.

Check out Rivalry Sports Bar at 221 Washington Street in Salem, Massachusetts.

This bar looks super fun for all. Whether you like sports or just playing games to pass the time, this bar has something for everyone, even dog lovers. Every Saturday, Rivalry welcomes doggos on the patio for their weekly dog brunch.

Check out more info on the Rivalry website.

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