The Marin County Sheriff’s Department held a press conference today (Aug. 12) to discuss the details, including cause of death, surrounding Robin Williamspassing.

A preliminary investigation, it was revealed, determined that the 63-year-old actor died on Monday morning (Aug. 11) from asphyxia due to hanging. “Mr. Williams [was found] clothed in a seated position, unresponsive and with a belt secured around his neck with the other end of the belt wedged between the closed closet door and the door frame,” Lt. Keith Boyd reported at the conference.

There were also “acute superficial transverse cuts” on his inner left wrist, as well as chemical substances found in his system. Further test results will be available in two to six weeks, and will determine what was present in his body at the time of death.

Williams’ personal assistant found his body in his bedroom on Monday. The assistant gained access to his bedroom around 11:45AM after becoming concerned when there was no response to multiple knocks on the door.

The Oscar winner’s wife, Susan Schneider, was the last to see her husband alive (via E!). She went to sleep around 10:30PM the evening before (Aug. 10), left the house in the morning and returned after his body was already discovered.

The police have said the investigation is still pending while they ensure every facet of Williams’ death has been thoroughly inspected.

Our thoughts are with the Williams family during this difficult time.

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