Reports state no one was injured as Rochester Police had some tense moments Saturday AM.

The early hours of August third kept a community on edge. According to Seacoast Online, a man allegedly fired shots at Rochester Police, after a routine motor vehicle stop shortly before 2am Saturday. The suspect allegedly then fled into the woods in the vicinity of Periwinkle Drive and Milton Road.

Immediately, New Hampshire State Police assisted, and even brought in their helicopter to help find the shooter. The City used their Twitter account to keep the public updated.

Residents of the Saks Mobile Home Park were asked to stay in place during the manhunt, which also included the setting off of “flash bangs”, according to Seacoast Online. By definition, flash bangs are grenades that "produce a bright flash and a loud noise so as to stun or disorient people without causing serious injury; a stun grenade."

The suspect was taken into custody shortly after 9am.



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