The jump took place last September in Lebanon, Maine.

According to News Center Maine, The State Medical Examiner’s Office has concluded the death of Brett Bickford from Rochester, N.H. was a suicide. The 41 year old Bickford fell to his death on September 27 when he was jumping with another skydiver. After his body couldn't be located, a search party discovered him a day later in the nearby woods. Investigators concluded that Bickford intentionally loosened his harness in midair. Initially, investigators believed he fell out of his harness during a tandem jump. In a tandem, an instructor and student are attached and dive together.

State Police told News Center Maine State Police after interviews with other skydivers and industry officials, they ruled no experienced skydiver would loosen a parachute harness by mistake. Bickford, who was an instructor at Skydive New England, was jumping with a second man when he fell to his death. The second jumper landed safely with the parachute.


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