Kyle Tanguay came home to Rochester, NH this weekend to surprise his mama for Mother's Day! (awwww!) So we invited him to the WOKQ studios for a chat.

If you didn't know, Kyle is the first male cheerleader on the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad in decades! He attends The University of the Arts which is a very prestigious dance school in Philly and it seems like all of his hard work is paying off!

We got to learn a little bit about the audition process and his dance background during Kyle's on-air interview. But I wanted to put his skills to the test and see if he could teach our very own Chio one of his routines. Here is how that went:

I think it's safe to say Chio won't be swiping Kyle's job anytime soon :)

It was so cool to meet Kyle and learn that he has been a WOKQ listener since he was a little kid! Love that! We wish him the best of luck this season with the Eagles and who knows? Maybe we will be seeing him in Miami for the Superbowl!

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