What started as a joke to make his wife laugh has now become a mission to help others. Early this year, when the pandemic lockdowns hit, co-founder of Rolling Smiles, Alysia Lemelin said her husband Bill put on a Spider-Man suit to make her laugh.  Who would have known it would become a movement.  According to fosters.com.  The group Rolling Smiles, a team of local superheroes began riding around during the pandemic with superhero costumes on to make kids laugh and raise the spirits of the general public according to an article on Fosters.com.


Imagine a child’s face when Superman or the Incredible Hulk comes driving down their street on a motorcycle.  The Rolling Smiles group just continued to grow.  Some members of the group had costumes that they have used to visit sick children in the hospital so it seemed like a natural fit that the Rolling Smiles group would use their popularity to help St. Jude Children’s Hospital with a charity ride.


The group plans on continuing the tradition with an annual ride.  Lemelin wishes to thank local members of the American Legion Riders and Combat Vet Riders or giving him guidance on how to pull off the charity ride.  He tells fosters.com “I’ve never planned an event of this size.  It was kind of going in blind.  I was so thrilled when we did the registration and the bikes kept pouring in.”  This group doesn’t need costumes to prove they are heroes.  The group would love to present the funds in person to St. Jude but has a way to transfer electronically if COVID restrictions prevent them from doing so.  What an amazing effort to turn something fun into helping others.  You can find more information on the group at rollingsmiles.org.




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