Remember when #firegoodell was a thing? Did anyone actually think it would work? That somehow, NFL owners, making record profits, would see a negative hashtag, and pull an about face? Me neither, but I'm sure a scroll through my Tweets from two years ago would say different. Heck, Roger says his relationship with Robert Kraft was never strained

So, Roger's still gainfully employed, and it's contract time. What could 'ol Roge throw into a contract that's sure to draw an instant eyeroll? How about private plane use for the rest of his life? This makes perfect sense. I mean, if you're flying, and Roger Goodell slides into the next seat, how would that play out? Exactly. He's been publicly ridiculed multiple times, even on the NFL's biggest stage. Remember?

If I were him, private jet rides for life would save some embarrassment for sure. He also wants close to $50 million dollars, up from $29 million in 2015. He might need some extra coin to keep the riff raff away from his summer home in Maine.

"Rooooogerrrr.....Rooooogggeeeerrr" laughing all the way to the bank.

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