Despite York Beaches in Maine closing, Rye beaches in New Hampshire will remain open.  Police Chief Kevin Walsh made the request to have the beaches closed due to Covid-19, but the selectmen voted against it. reports that despite a lengthy conversation, selectmen refused to close beaches until the state issues a mandate to close ALL beaches in New Hampshire.

There are many beaches in Rye, including Odiorne State Park, Wallis Sands and Jenness Beach. The town beaches include Sawyers and Foss beaches.

According to Seacoastonline, Walsh told the committee that he is concerned about the spread of the disease due to the high volume of people visiting from other states.  Walsh said "They are coming to our stores, gas stations and beaches. This is how community transmission happens. We were asked to stay home for 14 days. That is not happening. I understand people are bored, nervous and scared. If we keep the beaches open, they will come here."

In order to make this a success, Hampton, Seabrook and North Hampton would also need to close. Many residents who spoke at the meeting were against closing beaches saying that it's cathartic and that people were keeping to a safe distance.

So, for now, you're free to enjoy the beaches...hopefully at least six feet apart!

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