The decision on Salem State University's popular food spot wasn't unexpected, but sadness is setting in.

First reported on Salem Food Digest's Facebook page, Salem State University will close the Salem Diner. Back in 2013, Salem News reported that the University would reopen the diner, after purchasing the property earlier in the year. The Salem Diner has major history attached to it, as it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, according to the college. The diner dates back nearly 80 years, manufactured in 1941 by Sterling Diners of Merrimac, Massachusetts.

According to the Salem Patch, A consultant has recommended that Salem State University shutdown the diner. In addition, any new owner will have to relocate. Salem Food Digest did not mince words in their post. When was purchased by SSU, anybody with any sense knew that this was going to be the outcome. In the end, SSU is a business. A cold, calculating, professional enterprise that cares only about feeding its own appetites.

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