We all need a haircut. I have taken to using the clippers and my wife hates it. She has medium length hair and would love to get a haircut.

According to reporting from seacoastonline.com, NH salon owners are angry about Gov. Sununu’s reopening plan for their businesses.

The reopening plan puts some pretty severe restrictions on salon owners. Sure, you can get your haircut and get single root touch up with color, but no blow drying is allowed, Seacoastonline.com stated.

I asked my wife if that was a big deal and she said: “yeah, the whole point of getting your hair done is the blowout, to leave looking nice.”

And while my wife decided to let her grays grow in naturally, she has lots of friends who get balayage and foiling, which I can’t pretend to understand, but the processes are time-consuming and where a lot of salon owners make money. Even my wife, who is not in the hair industry, said it appears the reopening plan was done by guys that want a haircut. The revenue made by quick services is going to cut out the services where many salons that serve women make their profit margin on.

Nikkia McHugh who is a stylist at Salon @ 903 in Dover told seacoastonline.com: “I know we need to start somewhere but if I can only do a part of my job, there’s no point.”

She also noted, “My salon does a lot of rainbow colors and blondes, which we can’t offer right now, (and that) is making us lose a lot of money.”

Of course, no salon is going to be forced to open, but if they don’t, they run the risk of losing their clientele that has waited to get their hair done to the competition. It’s a lose/lose situation for a lot of salon owners.

There is no doubt that balancing reopening the economy with safety is a challenge and the salon industry is just one area where the challenges are highlighted.


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