This is an unbelievable story about a son who saved his father $12,000 in cash just in the nick of time.  We are changing the names to save the people from embarrassment, but this did happen in New Hampshire, so be aware, it could happen to you.

It Started With a Phone Call

I spoke to a man named "Mark" who told me that his father, who we'll call "Jack," got a call on his cell phone from the Publisher's Clearing House.  They are the people who hand out millions of dollars in prize money to people who either play their games or, it used to be, buy a magazine subscription.  The person on the phone told Jack that he was "Johnny Carson's son."   RED FLAG.

'Johnny Carson's Son' Told Him He Had Won $80K and a New Truck

The man on Jack's cell phone told him that he had just won $80,000 and a brand new Ford Truck that would be delivered by two girls the next day.  Then he said he would soon be hearing from another man to give him all the details.  Jack did receive another call from a man called "John Black."  John Black explained that all Jack needed to do to get it was to send the money owed on taxes, $12,000 in cash.  John Black also told Jack to overnight the cash to him right away or the prize would disappear.  SO MANY RED FLAGS

They 'Called' His Bank

While Jack was on the phone with John Black, they "called his bank" (not his bank) and "verified" that the $80K was pending in his account.  The third-party on the phone confirmed the money and this is when Jack was convinced it must be real, despite all the red flags.

He Told Him To Tear Up the Tracking Number

Not only did this guy tell him to overnight the cash, but he also told him to tear up the tracking number and don't tell anyone he was doing this.  THE BIGGEST RED FLAG SO FAR.

Jack Sent The Money Via Overnight Delivery Through the U.S. Postal Service

Jack, having lost his own father just 2 days before, was thinking of all the things he could do with the money like pay for his father's burial.  So, he took the $12,000 they were asking for out of his REAL bank in cash and sent it on it's way and shredded the tracking number.

Jack Told His Son

Jack, because he was so excited, thank goodness didn't listen to the evil people trying to take his money.  He told his son "Mark,"  After hearing the story from his Dad, Mark went into action.  It did take a bit of convincing on Mark's part to convince his Dad that he was just scammed, but he finally did it.  His Dad was super embarrassed by all of this, as you can imagine.  Mark flew over to his Dad's house to try to piece the tracking number together, as his Dad has shredded the document.  It took Mark 3 hours to piece it together, but he did it.

Mark Called The U. S. Postal Inspector

Because Jack sent the money overnight via U. S. Mail, there was a chance that Mark could get the money back, if he acted quickly and had the tracking number.  With the help of several people, some detectives, he was able to get the package filled with Jack's cash back here to New Hampshire where it belongs.

These People Need To Be Stopped

Scamming people, no matter what their age, is an egregious offense on so many levels.  Poor Jack lost his wife a few years ago, just buried his own Dad, lives alone now and these criminals try to scam him.  They need to be put in jail.  The problem with trying to prosecute these evil people, Mark told me, is that there are basically "bigger fish to fry."  Although I understand, that just makes me furious.  Taking advantage of someone who has worked hard for his money is just WRONG.

Tell Everyone You Know

I am hopeful, as is Mark and his family, that you will tell everyone you know about this.  It could happen to one of your loved ones.

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