20,000 people packed the fairgrounds last Saturday, and the yellow hunks of iron are back for another round.

Saturday night, the 142nd Rochester Fair continues with new fan favorite, the school bus derby. Mark Perry, organizer of the fair, told Townsquare Media it's the craziest thing he's ever seen. "These are actual school busses that just came out of service, and we (pause) demolish them."

In addition to the school buses, Circus Hollywood will run three shows on Saturday at 2, 5, and 7. Perry said a wide variety was key when putting the returning fair together. "We want to give them some agriculture, some high powered entertainment, and it's the only place you're going to see a circus show like that in New Hampshire this year."

When asked what he was excited about the most, Perry brought it back to the bus derby. "Last week sold out, we had a gigantic crowd, and it is the only place on the east coast you're going to see a derby like this."

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