There are so many new updates and details on the pandemic going on right now that it’s easy to forget some basic needs.

Schools are now closed, as well as any after school activities with large groups and that means no food for a lot of kids.

School districts are getting creative on how to make sure none of their students go without.

Seacoast Online reports that Barrington, Portsmouth, Rochester, Hampton, Marshwood, Noble, Oyster River, York and Kittery are just some of the schools using their buses to deliver food to students in need.

They are also offering meal pickup locations.

According to the article, this is in response to the mandate from NH Governor Chris Sununu that public schools close for three weeks.

Food pantries are also stepping in to help. reports that Gather food pantry in Portsmouth is also partnering with the schools to make sure the kids have food. Their Meals 4 Kids program has already begun and plans to serve over 900 kids.  This program usually runs during school vacations and summer, but they are stepping in now during this crisis.

Executive Director Deb Anthony of Gather tells “it’s a scary time for all of us…and then you add on the normal burden of life living paycheck to paycheck and still not making it.”

School officials say they are hoping the food deliveries and meal stops will help families worry just a little bit less.

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